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The role

Being a Customer Care Agent at Unleashed includes:

  • Talking, and lots of it. You’re the voice of our company, the person our Vikings reach out to when their world comes falling apart because their mobile data no longer works. Current record? 247 calls in a day!
  • Being versatile. One minute, you’re helping someone in Dutch for an issue you’ve dealt with a thousand times, the next you’re figuring out an obscure problem with an even more obscure device in French while keeping half an eye on our social media feed to make sure those Vikings get helped as soon as possible as well. Anyone who thinks only racing and sports are adrenaline-fueled has never worked in Customer Care.
  • Being a teamplayer. Being a Customer Care Agent at Unleashed means being part of a team of the Nicest People in the World. They might also be slightly crazy. And mostly communicate in memes and GIFs. It’s all good. 


Your main responsibilities are

  • To help our Vikings with any issues or questions they might face.
  • To get our ever overflowing mailbox to a nice, round zero. Otherwise, no treats!
  • To write clear and concise 140 character tweets that answer our Vikings’ questions ànd make them laugh, in a maximum timeframe of 15 minutes. Or as people usually call it, social media support.
  • To keep your eyes peeled and to notice what could make life for our Vikings easier or better. Take the steps necessary to make it happen.
  • To be the voice of the company to our Vikings, and the voice of the Vikings to the company. We have a flat organisational structure, so everyone’s thoughts and ideas count. We’re curious to see if yours have merit, too!


You are the one

  • Who switches languages without blinking parce que c’est si gemakkelijk voor jou. So English, French and Dutch. :-)
  • Who preferably has a professional bachelor, but we won’t begrudge you a Master if you have one. Or if you didn’t study, but are awesome as is. 
  • Who looks forward to learning the ropes on the job - because you really like helping people.
  • Who’s looking for a full-time job (40 hours) 
    • 4 days a week and 1 Saturday
    • 4 days a week and 1 Sunday 
    • 5 days a week
  • Who, after reading all this, says “This is it!


Is this all you ever hoped for?

Then don’t waste time and apply. Send us an email at and provide:

  • A letter of motivation.
  • Your fancy good humor.
  • Your CV with your education etc.
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