3rd Line Support Engineer

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The role

Being a 3rd Line Support Engineer at Unleashed includes:

  • Resolving issues reported by our customer care and testing teams
  • Translating fuzzy issue descriptions into clear requirements for our internal and external teams
  • Following up on ongoing issues
  • Coordinating incidents between customer care, technology, marketing and communication teams
  • Identifying recurring issues and suggesting improvements or permanent fixes
  • Identifying recurring work that can be automated
  • Working in a technical environment that includes both Mobile Telecom components and IT services


Sounds like a blast?

Your main responsibilities are

  • To ensure that our customer care teams for JIM Mobile and Mobile Vikings get the best technical support available.
  • To turn vague issues into clearly documented issues, including a first analysis, clear steps to reproduce, examples,...
  • To keep a close eye on our partners so they take proper care of the issues you’ve reported.


You are the one

  • Who has a passion for technology.
  • Who has a background in IT and a strong interest in Telco or vice versa.
  • Who brings a technical background, either from education or from experience.
  • Who loves to analyse complex issues until they break down into clear parts.
  • Who only lets go of an issue  when it’s been resolved.
  • Who is always looking for ways to optimise ways of working.
  • Who shows the necessary pragmatism and is hands-on.
  • Who works independently but thinks as a team.
  • Who’s fluent in English.
  • Who, after reading all this, says “This is it!


Is this all you ever hoped for?

Then don’t waste time and apply. Send us an email at and provide:

  • A letter of motivation.
  • Your fancy good humor.
  • Your CV with your education etc.
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