All-round Database Owner

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The role

Being an All-round Database Owner at Unleashed includes:

  • Being part of the metrics team by building and maintaining a data warehouse across a Postgres relational database environment and  a big data (Cloudera/Hadoop) environment
  • Understanding the needs of data consumers with varying technical proficiency and translating this into the setup of an environment that is performant, reliable, consistent and efficient
  • Being able to integrate data from different sources (relational databases, API’s, SFTP servers, …) into a coherent and consistent schema that is intuitive for analysts as well as business users
  • Having a keen eye for optimising ETL flows for a variety of different purposes (real-time vs bulk operations, reporting vs predictive analytics, ...) 
  • Working in a multi-disciplinary context and in close collaboration with both Marketing, Finance, Operations, Development and Customer Care representatives
  • Proactively looking for improvement in efficiency and quality of our team and its output

Sounds like a blast?

Your main responsibilities are

  • The integration of multiple data sources from varying technologies into one common and well-organised platform that is fit-for-purpose, transparent,  unambiguous and documented .
  • Maintaining and enriching this integrated data warehouse as the business and requirements grow
  • Being able to recommend and implement best practices around data flows and querying in a relational database context and on an HDFS environment.
  • Providing technical implementation of privacy guidelines and keep our customers’ sensitive information protected
  • Keeping an eye on data quality by mapping out the data journeys (data stewardship)
  • To work together in a small, tight-knit team of professionals who share your motivation
  • To work in an agile, autonomous environment, and to be willing to go beyond “traditional” boundaries
  • To clearly, professionally and emphatically communicate about your work, and to understand how it fits into the bigger whole
  • To think critically, take responsibility and improve yourself, your whole team (and why not even the whole company?)


You are the one

  • Who’s passionate about big data storage and processing and loves to ‘enable data-driven decision making’
  • Who preferably has experience working in telecommunications and the huge amounts of data that it brings
  • Who is always looking for ways to optimise data storage and querying to enable faster processing
  • Who can look beyond the current requirements and plan for the future
  • Who is flexible, capable of switching quickly and who likes working ‘ad hoc’
  • Who eats all things mobile for breakfast
  • Who thrives in a vibrant and agile environment
  • Who works independently but thinks a a team
  • Who’s fluent in English
  • Who, after reading all this, says “This is it!


Is this all you ever hoped for?

Then don’t waste time and apply. Send us an email at and provide:

  • A letter of motivation.
  • Your fancy good humor.
  • Your CV with your education etc.
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