IT Infrastructure Engineer

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The role

At Mobile Vikings, an IT Infrastructure Engineer:

  • Makes sure our IT Infrastructure in the Amazon Cloud is state-of-the-art, in close collaboration with our partner.
  • Guarantees that our colleagues’ IT devices all work properly.
  • Is passionate about making things tick. 
  • Keeps a close eye on his/her responsibilities within the different business processes
  • Supports our technical product owners in setting the right KPIs and in monitoring those.
  • Keeps all relevant documentation up to date. 
  • Is part of a 24/7 on-call team.
  • Thinks pragmatically and shows to be hands-on.
  • Works strategically on our current infrastructure, which consists of:
    • Physical servers at several partners
    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services
  • Supports the office suite, in our case G Suite.
  • Supports user management with different tools, e.g. LDAP & IAM.

Your main responsibilities are

  • 3rd-line support on our CRM tooling. 
  • Our internal IT & infrastructure.
  • Organising 24/7 support.
  • Monitoring, alerting and providing documentation.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement.

You are the one

  • Who can write technical and functional specs
  • Who has a keen interest in (mobile) telco.
  • Who has excellent communication skills.
  • Who’s a team player, but can work independently as well, and who takes ownership.
  • Who’s acquainted with app security and network infrastructure.
  • Who has knowledge of and passion for container virtualisation technologies and is able to apply those in a Kubernetes orchestration system.
  • Who has thorough knowledge of Terraform and its possibilities.
  • Who has a passion for monitoring. Well, not just superficial system monitoring, but also end-to-end monitoring of processes, and logging.
  • Who has an outspoken view on the way forward when it comes to infrastructure, and who doesn't only put out fires.
  • Who contributes in providing uniformity between systems such as Ansible, Chef and Puppet.
  • Who always keeps automation and first-time-right in his/her mind.
  • Who's goal is obtaining an empty queue of tickets, thereby creating room for improvement.
  • Who wants to keep learning and challenging/certifying himself/herself when it comes to new technologies.

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