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Mobile Vikings is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) on the BASE network and, through Unleashed, part of the MEDIALAAN group. It’s a dynamic, fast-growing telecom operator, with prepaid SIM cards and subscriptions offering unique price plans when it comes to mobile data. These offers are strengthened with some solid Viking advantages: all Vikings call and text each other free of charge, and can - thanks to the Viking Deal partners - also see their phone bills significantly reduced. Mobile Vikings sincerely believes that the current telecom world can be challenged.
White logo vertical
Black logo vertical
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Black logo horizontal
Hex. #000000
RGB. 0-0-0
CMYK. 30-20-30-100
Mobile Vikings Red
Hex. #cb0c0c
RGB. 205-4-0
CMYK. 0-97-100-3
Hex. #ffffff
RGB. 255-255-255
CMYK. 0-0-0-0

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