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Telecom operator JIM Mobile is a branded reseller on the BASE network and is part of the MEDIALAAN group. With JIM Mobile, anyone can benefit. JIM Mobile namely believes that surfing mobile, calling and texting don’t necessarily have to be costly. That’s why it offers straightforward and budget-friendly rates. With their prepaid SIM card, users always have full control over their budget, while at each top-up they receive extra free texts, megabytes and/or calling minutes on top of their calling credit. The JIM Mobile subscriptions on the other hand are unique: the monthly amount is calling credit, paid per used MB or calling minute. This allows users to determine by themselves how to spend their budget, freeing them from a fixed amount of megabytes en calling minutes.
Blue logo yellow shadow
Blue logo gray shadow
White logo yellow shadow
White logo gray shadow
White logo no shadow
Blue logo no shadow
JIM Blue
Hex. #385e9d
RGB. 56-94-157
CMYK. 90-64-0-0
Hex. #ffffff
RGB. 255-255-255
CMYK. 0-0-0-0
JIM Light Yellow
Hex. #ffcd00
RGB. 255-205-0
CMYK. 0-14-100-0
JIM Dark Yellow
Hex. #c99700
RGB. 201-151-0
CMYK. 6-27-100-12
JIM Dark Grey
Hex. #63666a
RGB. 99-102-106
CMYK. 40-30-20-66
JIM Light Grey
Hex. #d9d9d6
RGB. 217-217-214
CMYK. 4-2-4-8

Styleguide JIM Mobile