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Thanks to Stievie, subscribers can watch TV live and on demand anywhere and anytime and in whatever way they prefer. Stievie is available for tablet, smartphone or laptop, offering the MEDIALAAN channels (VTM, Q2, Vitaya, CAZ, VTMKZOOM, Kadet en Qmusic) since December 2015 in its free version. Stievie also has a pay version, which also offers the VRT channels (één, Canvas, Ketnet) and SBS channels (vier, vijf). This paid version is, however, temporarily unavailable to new customers. Existing subscribers can of course keep using it, pending the launch of a new pay service that will again be available to the public in the future.
White logo no tagline
Red logo no tagline
Black logo no tagline
White logo tagline
Red logo tagline
Black logo tagline
Sundown Red
Hex. #d60017
RGB. 255-10-35
CMYK. 0-92-82-0
Sunrise Orange
Hex. #ef4623
RGB. 239-70-35
CMYK. 0-62-72-0
Warm Dusk Black
Hex. #1e212c
RGB. 30-33-44
CMYK. 0-0-0-100
Dark Grey
Hex. #6a6a6a
RGB. -
Light Grey
Hex. #f8f8f8
RGB. -

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