the team

Everybody’s awesome!

Katrien Katrien
Katrien Go To Market Specialist
Sigrid Sigrid
Sigrid Customer Care Agent
Laura Laura
Laura Customer Care Agent
Dorien Dorien
Dorien Data Scientist
Kristof Kristof
Kristof Back-end Lead
Kevin Kevin
Kevin Telco Operations Engineer
Evy Evy
Evy Business Jurist
Brecht Brecht
Brecht Telco Lead
Tanja Tanja
Tanja Customer Care Agent
Sofie Sofie
Sofie People & HR Lead
Katrien Katrien
Katrien Care Stats Officer
Jonas Jonas
Jonas Back-end Developer
Jonatas Jonatas
Jonatas Front-end developer
Ruben Ruben
Ruben Data Scientist
Free Free
Free Back-end Developer
Kris Kris
Kris IT Lead
Jessie Jessie
Jessie Customer Care Agent
Priscilla Priscilla
Priscilla Office & Events Viking
Yves Yves
Yves IT QA Lead
Arun Arun
Arun Telco Ops Lead
Milena Milena
Milena Customer Care Coordinator
Bart Bart
Bart CEO
Raul Raul
Raul Front-end Lead
Kristof Kristof
Kristof Insights & Innovations Lead
Kevin Kevin
Kevin Test Engineer
Christoph Christoph
Christoph Digital Marketing Specialist
Deborah Deborah
Deborah Business Analyst
Niels Niels
Niels Back-end developer
Daniëlle Daniëlle
Daniëlle 2nd line Customer Care Agent
Timothy Timothy
Timothy Communications Lead
Maarten Maarten
Maarten Brand and Marcom Lead
Rob Rob
Rob Senior Product Marketeer
Ilario Ilario
Ilario Copywriter
Jens Jens
Jens Functional Analyst
Daan Daan
Daan Customer Care Agent
Stephanie Stephanie
Stephanie Analysis Lead
Ingo Ingo
Ingo UX / UI Design Lead
Vasiliki Vasiliki
Vasiliki Internal Process Analyst
Joeri Joeri
Joeri Front-end Developer
Michaël Michaël
Michaël 3rd Line Support Engineer
Pieter Pieter
Pieter Front-end Developer
Kurt Kurt
Kurt Front-end Developer
Tom Tom
Tom Front-end Developer
Paul Paul
Paul Customer Care Agent
Bert Bert
Bert Telco Support Engineer
Roxanne Roxanne
Roxanne Viking Community Expert
Sami Sami
Sami Interconnect & Partner Lead
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Customer Care Agent
Hamza Hamza
Hamza 2nd line Customer Care Agent
Tijs Tijs
Tijs 2nd line Customer Care Agent
Tanya Tanya
Tanya Business Analyst
Mieke Mieke
Mieke Customer Care Lead
Loes Loes
Loes Conversion Specialist
Jure Jure
Jure Front-end Developer
Frederik Frederik
Frederik CRM
Anaïs Anaïs
Anaïs Back-end Developer
Melissa Melissa
Melissa Customer Care Coach
Sarah Sarah
Sarah HR & Happiness Viking
Olivier Olivier
Olivier IT Operations Lead
Nathalie Nathalie
Nathalie Financial Process Analyst
Elie Elie
Elie UX/UI Designer
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When you work at Mobile Vikings, you get all your energy from your enthusiastic co-workers and the colorful offices! The free coffee helps, too.

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