Answering all your mobile needs

What is Unleashed?

Unleashed can be considered the mobile branch of the MEDIALAAN group. Today, it manages three different mobile brands: Mobile Vikings, JIM Mobile and Stievie.

Our values

Customer centricity distilled into each brand and a dynamic company culture driven by empowerment and result-drivenness form the pillars of this company that strives to answer all your mobile needs.

Free connectivity and content is a right

No compromising or settling for the status quo, but always do our utmost to remain the challenger in the market. That’s what drives us. It’s one tough promise to keep, admittedly, yet we stand by it 100%. No strings attached, no limits. Free connectivity and content is a right. That’s why.

From telecom to television

Covering the entire mobile spectrum.


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Care to join the team?

We have pretty terrific coffee, if that’s your cup of tea... Sorry. I’ll see myself out.

Software Engineer

We’re looking for a skilled code warrior to join our phalanx of Unleashed Coders!

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